Monday, January 11, 2010

'us' and 'them'

My idea for 'the' film got kicked right, left and centre. Still, feel strangely happy. Have walked through the known roads quite a while, so the brickbats for being at the wrong traffic intersection is some thing positive I guess. Hopefully some thing more than the smugness of 'look I'm at the unright road' will emerge out of it.

"Identity..what is the big deal about it?"

I guess there is nothing big anywhere there. Unless you are a young black man who doesn't exactly smell of wads of cash. People could move away from your way.And, you know they are avoiding a mugging scene in their head.

Identity is of course bullshit. Unless you are a woman and the only way you could have reached where you are is by sleeping through the ladder. Unless you are a Muslim male and should be careful that the stubble on your chin doesn't grow big enough to create a link to Osama. Unless you are a lesbian in a catholic country in need of exorcism from the forces of evil.

So, let us tell the same old stories. That we are so used to hearing. The tooth paste like 'news' manufactured for our morning moods. Available in labour, conservative,liberal, democrat, republican and right wing colours.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Snow is the best parenthesis ever.

Beautiful than the freshly bathed rain drenched palm trees of home town.

A bit of white descends from the skies to pardon the concrete and cars and roadways off their sins. Against the moon and the light and the few lone trees, the first snow of your life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Saw this snap in the morning paper []. For those of you who isn't familiar with the goose's face [male] , it is David Cameroon, Britain's would be Prime Minister. The lady who is looking at this demi God is his own wife [whose name hasn't hit the newly in Britain me as yet].

Now what kind of put some jelly in the morning mood was the look in the woman's face. It reminded me of the adoring look of female devotees before the Indian god Krishna. Here is a sample.

This prompted the mind into the following train of thoughts. While growing up, most girls will certify that boys are mostly dumb bullies or crybabies with adjustment problems. On the whole, girls are way more smarter. After all, they do start speaking earlier and ends up living longer. During the mating season in youth, women realize that asking for a man who is intelligent, sensitive, good looking, artistic and caring is basically asking for a product which is not available in the market unless you are asking for a gay man.

Then, why is it that when you come to middle age, you realise that the people ruling the country by basically bombing other countries are mostly men. Where are the women who were way more smarter? The majority of women in the power circles are 'first wives' in the category of Mrs.Cameroon who has the privilege to decide what is on the menu for the official dinner [provided the security agencies and PR agents and similar bamboozles clears it. Since self has had no experience in the power circles, the details about the PR agencies may be wrong.]. Well, yes there will be a odd woman here or there, but they are indeed a miniscule minority [check out the pictures of the 'heads of state' in a UN assembly.]

Can some one please tell what happened to all the women in the way. And, yes, I know that Margaret Thatcher was awful

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just like that

Once upon a time which wasn't not so looong ago [if you discount the geography and concentrate on
just the calendar] a very good friend said, "cut your losses and run". Apparently it is an American expression which modifies the "never give up"motto a little. There comes a point, after you have given your absolute every thing to some thing, that you should call it quits. If you persist any longer, you will just be a jack ass digging own grave or doom etc.

Once in a while, we need to cut our losses and run. Running, even around continents can be good idea, at least for your jack ass of a mind which persists on moving immovable objects with its imaginary spoon bending powers.

Then again heard this in a crappy hollywood movie. "Human beings are born with a hole in the heart which nothing can fill". That sure was some fault in an entire production line, centuries after centuries, born with such an inadequacy which no dent job can rectify.

Well, now that I look at it, the words just come in. Why can't they go in and fill my deadline which is in need of 4000 words