Monday, January 11, 2010

'us' and 'them'

My idea for 'the' film got kicked right, left and centre. Still, feel strangely happy. Have walked through the known roads quite a while, so the brickbats for being at the wrong traffic intersection is some thing positive I guess. Hopefully some thing more than the smugness of 'look I'm at the unright road' will emerge out of it.

"Identity..what is the big deal about it?"

I guess there is nothing big anywhere there. Unless you are a young black man who doesn't exactly smell of wads of cash. People could move away from your way.And, you know they are avoiding a mugging scene in their head.

Identity is of course bullshit. Unless you are a woman and the only way you could have reached where you are is by sleeping through the ladder. Unless you are a Muslim male and should be careful that the stubble on your chin doesn't grow big enough to create a link to Osama. Unless you are a lesbian in a catholic country in need of exorcism from the forces of evil.

So, let us tell the same old stories. That we are so used to hearing. The tooth paste like 'news' manufactured for our morning moods. Available in labour, conservative,liberal, democrat, republican and right wing colours.

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