Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh!!Lamb curry..

Can a perfectly made lamb curry bring tears to your eyes? Well, yes.After eating the rubbish cooked by own hands day in and day out, decided to go in for a well made lamb curry without looking at the price tag. The right amount of spices and the cholesterol inducing creamy gravy was like an answer to a prayer.

Never ever believe when they say that you can learn cooking. It is as much rubbish as anyone saying that you can learn to be a poet or an artist. You are either a good cook or some one incapable of cooking.Self belongs to the second category.Have tried and tried. Not because of some great desire to learn the art, but out of sheer greed for good food. Some how, the dishes which result out of these trials look fine. But then, if only you could eat fine looks.And may be it does take a lot of effort to turn a perfectly respectable looking egg plant into some thing monstrous. But then, it doesn't guarantee that the fine looks will be palatable. Invariably the egg plant and its cousins end up in dust bin. And, self goes in and orders one more sandwich with all the guilt of an over spending student.

And, the thing with sandwiches is that they make you feel like some sort of a robot. As if you are swallowing batteries.They have no real taste or any real character of their own. But, you can't escape them if you are young[well, we still call us that] and cheap and student in London .

So, amidst such culinary deserthood comes the lamb curry, like the beautiful summer showers of Delhi. And, it does result in well deserved teary eyes.

PS:- Summer showers of Delhi were free and did not cost 6 pounds

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