Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apologies to Mahmoud Darwish

"I want from love only the beginning"

Came across this line by Mahmoud Darwish
It was such a lovely line that had to forward it to good friends who will find it in their inboxes at the crack of dawn.

Couldn't help vandalizing the idea around a bit. Would love to have a response if anyone stumbles upon and actually reads this post. Since the line has many dimensions had to vandalize it in many levels.

I want from love only the illusions.
One day would like to meet love the way it is.
Without the ghastly costumes they make it wear in the films, making it a sort of chrismas tree.
Have believed all the lies they told about it.
Love was a tooth fairy, a plastic Christmas tree bowing down with inconsequential plastic gifts.
Invariably it will have to go to the dust bin when the season ends.

Outside a novel, without magical realism to spell out the times of cholera, how will it look like?

Do you ever encounter it without an instruction manual of how to proceed? Almost everyone knows the procedure. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy meets boy, girl meets girl. Then they are supposed to drive through the stars for some spilt seconds and then  drive through gutters for some really long time before calling it quits or entering into a charity show of "all is well". Have never managed to open the instruction manual and an instruction manual about how to use the instruction manual wouldn't be a bad idea.

If you leave the product description out in the barbie stores, how will it look like?
A one eyed old woman who has gone senile?
A hunchbacked  old man slipping into dementia, with a clear memory of some fictitious youthful times?
The discolored old shells the storm washed in with the corpses and the dirt?

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