Monday, April 12, 2010

Non fiction

Statutory Warning.

This is going to be a very self indulgent rambling of a certain kind of gripe.


It is such a lonely process. Once the camera is put down and the sheer physicality of it ends. The sweat and pain now sits neatly on the computer, as different kinds of talking heads. The bits where the light was bad, the bits where you forgot to zoom in, places where it was out of focus or shaky.They all sit together and grin at you. With a glint in the eye, challenging you to try to edit them together into any thing worth while.

You know the filmed material has become a wayward child, quite teenagish, determined to go in the complete opposite direction that you have chosen for it.

And, no one will drop in with a 2rupee tea in a plastic cup and ask you to try to remove a few frames from every bit to see how it looks.

And, you feel responsible. As if you have passed your inadequacies on to the film, which had the potential to be some thing wonderful, if not for your blundering.

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