Monday, May 3, 2010


Soon time will span out of control. Work is just waiting, all set to tumble over. Will have to pull head out from the ostrich hole to have a look.Soon every moment will be priceless. Films generally demand sweat, blood, tears and muscle pain-in that order. They are like children-they might turn out to be deformed or wayward. It doesn't mean you have to put any less effort into them.

Then, there is the continental trip with dasht-e-tanhai [some elevated kind of solitude or similar crap]. All the paper eating regulatory gods want to know everything-including in which schengen terrories you plan to pee on etc.  The continental train systems are also pretty difficult to figure out since they  make u hop in and out of the train [to take a break by walking or catching a bus for the 'connecting train' in what they call as 'one journey']. The fast running Euro star has a pricing policy which must have prince charles in mind.So, will probably be getting lost a couple of times and will be talking to many people in sign language. Of course as R says, that is thankless gripe because is going to get to see the continent.

G came up with one more pearl of wisdom in her secret code of acronyms
""it's only hp that mks ppl lk u & m srvv. sigh! hps abt thinner waistlns, hps abt continental sentry, trvlg hbs...:-)"hp=hope.

Hmmm.... may be should remember to carry hp too. But,at times hp and self do get tired of each other. Some times hp looks awful in the filmy costumes self gets for it. The gawdy coloured cellophanes, so unreal and bizarre.
....Wouldn't know of any other smart way of carrying hp. Well, so will pop hp too into the luggage, knowing well mostly it will only serve the purpose of adding to the weight 

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