Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excess Baggage

Well, it is officially the bad poetry time.
Still short of several thousand words to reach the pinnacles of academic boredom with due respects paid in attribution to all those who managed to reach the peak earlier.  The laptop has started screeching like a mouse which is being eaten by the cat around  the corner. But, while its breath lasts, the internet pathways should be defaced with a few more lines


A bit of white rimmed grey clouds, handful of indifference
A packet of cool air, little box of unmemory
A purse full of  good will to temper the choler of the rude alleys
A bit of snow for the scorching heat, a shaft of sunshine for the chilling cold
A cube of recollected nostalgia to sweeten the plastic cups of tea.
An album of flying and falling and learning to land without mourning the bruises
------Far beyond the checked in baggage allowance
Waiting for a suitable shipping option.

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