Friday, December 17, 2010

List of lost articles

In a few more days will reach the grand old age of 29. A bit of chronicling before that seemed like a good idea.

1.Notebook with transcripts of interviews [requires10 hours of work]

2.Old album with a healthy coating  of dust [requires a time machine and a film camera to remake]

3.A 14 year old diary of crappy poems [result of a mad bout of teenage, lot of acne and the ability to be angry without any logical reasons].

4.Locks of countless keys which pop up from nowhere

5.Memory of evenings which smell of  homemade black forest cake, cheesy songs, bad orchestra and great fun [returns occasionally when G condescends to have a phone conversation and gives out a detailed list of all the people who should never get her latest phone no.]

6. Tears which used to burst open at the slightest pretext.

7.Deep faith in Yash Chopra and unconditional love for Sharukh Khan

8.Wait for a summer when  colours will dance to the music of the wind

9.Well deserved regret for things lost on the way

10.Ability to believe that 30 is a good age to die because everything worth while in life would have happened by then.

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