Friday, January 7, 2011


Unending landscape rolling near the window..glow of yellow mustard fields beneath the warm eyes of evening sun... stink from the train's clogged urinal...8 hour delays, bumpy bus rides, oily street food- another place.

You with the red robes and shaved heads and torturous journeys to cross the border- please bring in my cup of nirvana, with a hint of sugar. Talk of peace, moving beyond desires....unclutter the mess of tangled wires within my head. 

You the machans with killer shades, multi coloured lungis, blaring stereos and inquisitive questions- please stand by and be my kitsch backdrop. 

Let me ruminate, think over tomorrows, strike away a few yesterdays, search into as much soul that is left within  and be all ready- for the din, traffic, crazy deadlines, rat race and everything else which is the reason why I should leave by the weekend train.

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