Friday, March 18, 2011


Soon enough yet another rejection letter will arrive from one more esteemed source. When they said hang in there, they might have meant a lot. Or it was just another ingredient to sell self help syrup.

In a sudden shaft of pain might leave the slippery grip to fall with a thud.

Pen sits there giving a smirky smile reminding of a decade old decision-never to send yet another word on a begging round, in search of a publisher.

It would be yet another of those decisions. Place the lens cap on the camera and to leave in a mental sense of the term. To start one more half venture to leave half way down the lane. Unfinished structures with poky grills smelling of cement and failure.

'Failure'-When Santa Claus, Sharukh Khan, True Love and similar tooth fairies died in a natural and heart breaking way at the grand old age of 27, that was one more word which went down. In a nice Rumi moment, that too became another inception, just like 'success'.

Still..To make in the lurking doubt that it might never see much light in the day. To make in the half knowledge that it might never become anything like what was in your head.To give everything to some thing like that.........

May be should take a strong self help syruppy shot

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