Monday, April 4, 2011


There are days when self  feels like freezing real life like a live chicken and closing the freezer door shut. All  done and now, let us get back to work.

There is work fuming, cribbing, falling apart. If only I could cut out the multi coloured multi layered crap which plays on loop all the time and just decide to be glued to the edit machine.

Never believe when they tell you that you can do a day job, earn enough money and follow your dream through a few left over hours. By evening brain will  be in a blender and mind might be conjuring up a meditating Buddha in the midst of the 6 O' clock traffic jam.

Then in the true spirit of people who handle their lives not very well, you could dial up a few loved numbers and give out quack therapy sessions on how other people should screw up their lives.

Between, whatever is the fun of life lived the right way? The memory of those moments when you took the wrong turn and ended up in the wrong way. "If I had done that life would have been some thing else, I would have been some one else"- aren't those moments priceless? What is the fun of being our boring selves if not for the idea of losing a chance at being some one or some thing else.
Shouldn't have left in that hurry. The idea of homeland is most beautiful when it is a nostalgia.
But then, how else will you know that you don't belong any where and is hence forth free to float

Some times life has this habit of giving an eraser to you and wishing you good luck with it. So, just shut the eyes tight and let whatever is falling apart go away.

Some day the sea will wash in truck loads of sand and a few sea shells. Then one can may be pull life out of the freezer for a bit of fresh air.

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