Friday, May 13, 2011

On Life

There ain't any cross roads. Sadly, they don't make it in that bound Hollywood script way. Some one in the sets says a line, and it stealthily makes its way into the dialogue. The lead actors get caught up in a traffic jam or just decides to bunk. The stand in person gives the take and it looks almost fine. A baffling story line, at times with more melodrama than all the Latin American soaps put together, at times just random nothing no signal noise for ages, at times banana peel slapstick comedy which will make your heart break with laughter, at times rivers of sorrow borrowed from Greek tragedy with  a hint of Shakespeare and no clear indication of the fatal flaw. And, the audience walks out dazed caught between improbable and just what was it all about . May be it is  supposed to be an experimental work which sucks at places, with no intention of communicating just about anything, deeply profound at the wrong places and childishly simple and weird in patches.
Please pop into the shop and buy a bit of Zen, available in chewing gum flavours.

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