Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey street lights on the way, we haven't sat down for a cup of coffee for a while. Need to light and float those lamps in water. For the moments when TIME likes to sit down and explain a thing or two. This too should pass and soon the dust on the road will become everything.

Hey haggard old rain, yes, need to pay your muddy pools a pale little paper boat. In return for the debt of drizzles when hope fluttered to fragile tunes.

Hey flowers which bloom all over the park in a frenzy, hey majestic grey mountains who knock on the train window, hey rainbow which condescends to land on a window wiper...there is a post card written and signed for you, left near the door. Just ask the wind to carry it to your way.


  1. hey u, nd 2 say 'thx', 4 just bng, & ltg me b; 4 rmng sm1 i still refu 2 cl by the true nm! :-)

  2. hmm...short form maniac, i have a feeling that u r my mainac ol'friend who has the up side down view on life. did i get it right;-]?