Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Editing Blues

The place was some where between sleep and wakefulness. That is where self bumped into that old acquaintance who goes by the name "emptiness".

Self and Emptiness have sat together in the same bench, trying to learn geometry lessons in some long lost past. Then with some audacity powered by the halogen of half cooked dreams, self upturned that bench and ran away-into the haze of Shakespeare, Bronte and then progressively into  many things including Trinh Minha's surname and Benjamin's little lamb. As life took over, emptiness was thrown into one of those memory bins in the attic.

But in solemn evenings when Benjamin's little lamb has turned into mutton chops in some University plate, this old acquaintance will pop in uninvited. Then like most old acquaintances, s/he will start the most uncomfortable range of questions. Unless you have been doing regular spiritual push ups, this questioning round can turn you into a sorry looking blob. Self, of course, has bubble gum zen muscles which have been acquired after much mumbo jumbo and selective memory.

But then, emptiness is always prepared for some thick skin and given a  chance can seep right through.
"So,a..hem…. the glory of informed choices! But the prospect of mixing SD and HD footage seems to shake you to the core"

"And, all that mumbo jumbo..most people can take refuge in things that they know the least about. Isn't it wonderful to sit under the banyan tree of ignorance imagining Bodhisatva's tranquility?"

" …..the river ,… shoudn't you have…. imaginary porcupine …….. the reality of a crab dinner……!@@%^%&&*&()()()()…….??????????????"…."

"And, last but not the least…those crappy shaky footage…..Oh, that is all you have to shown in return for  spondylitis and the onset of probably obesity?"

Hell, how I hate that careless coffee for leaving the door open for the intruder!!!

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