Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rejection Letter

Oh Yes, it has come in a while ago, like a very prompt guest-the rejection letter. Neatly typed words, arranged in the legal order of things.

I know the usual chicken soup soul lines-kinda by heart, pinned up near life's window. Whatever happens, does so for the best (does it???) or just plain "better luck next time". Forget the stacks of hours, days put in and make a plan for how to stack hours and days and months and may be years again.

May be at times you need to take a de tour. Have been working like a dog on one thing or other for a while. Films which get born with a stutter and in constant need for a psychoanalyst, footage which does strange yoga tricks and looks at you for re affirmation, edits which screech and roll with the smell of dawn and take away pizza all over them… And, on the stolen hours when you open the books, making sure that the rough cut is fast asleep, and wouldn't wake up and bawl again for more attention…Then the books tell you, how much more is there to even try to skip through and keep asking you if you have enough life in your years to take up their call.

May be you should tell them the ways you have come through….the water which washed you down to the sea, hills which threw you down so that you may learn to fly, the plain which made you break to hundred pieces so that you may learn to be whole, the strange geography which took you by the hand and didn't ask for your heart (making you pack your heart beats and wait forever for a stamp to send it)..


But then, one owes life all kinds of debts. The need to hold the brittle rays of sun as he dies over a cliff, the memory of roads and lanes and pathways and the zen in their eyes, the streams which want you to silently sit by their side, the shoes which want to become all weary from travel all over again………
It will be sad if you go before you have wrote all that is to be written or made all that is to be made.
But, it will be sader if you go before living all that is to be lived

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