Thursday, June 21, 2012

Filming Blues (Indie Kind)

Mom used to say that there is a secret to house work-it never never ENDS.

Filmmaking must be a cousin to housekeeping. It also has the propensity to be elastic, far long after you have burnt out.

Technically it is all done. But then the sound plumbing needs a re look. The visuals need to be re touched to bring out the best color. And, then there is the basic carpentry work of taking the film to a higher resolution. Not to mention the endless dusting, cleaning and polishing of the same old images. However much hard you may have tried; on each new day that you sit on the edit, you will find that the film has acquired a thin coat of dust at some nook or corner that you  have over looked. Then there is the stress that the carpenter at the editing studio may not have a free time slot. But then, how do you take it to the carpenter without fixing the plumbing first?

And, then there is the commissioner who is complaining about the unnecesary delay. After all, how long should it take to set up a functional kitchen?

And, then at times self gets into the fantasy that most housewives run into at regular intervals. To drop it all for a while and run to the hills. But then, you know that guilt will never let you fully breath the beauty of far away hills.

And, when you reach back, it will all be waiting for you- with thick wads of dust and then, you will have to start all over again. Meanwhile, the carpenter would have run away and you might have to look for a new painter as well. And, of course, the commissioner would have reached a crescendo of frenzy.
So you move, carrying work on your back like a snail- counting hours, minutes,seconds, frames. All focused at times; on other occasions just doodling purposelessly at the edit machine...
May be need to send a bouquet of flowers to myself to remind that it is all for love.

"If you cannot work  with is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms from those who work with joy"

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