Friday, January 18, 2013


Some times all the efforts you have put in, all the grains you have gathered like a diligent ant is not enough.
All the hours put in, doing a day job and then slogging through stolen hours at night is not enough. The gray hair strands and the smell of sleep over dogeared books isn't enough. It just hangs some where like an unread manuscript.
You need to have color coded swipe cards to enter the places where knowledge is veiled like a highly guarded secret. Oh, you could take the other way and try to disregard them. Be the Ekalavya, whose knowledge is worthless without the correct stamps.

Have been trying to do the full Harry Porter routine and enter the castle for a while. When a kind Dumbledore opens a door, you realise that there isn't enough money to make the journey. You didn't win the yearly jackpot by the rein deers. This year they are giving it to the birds and not ants. The endless wait in the cold, to avoid delete buttons, trash folders, spam bins-to arrive at a place where an actual pair of eyes will glance through the manuscript...

Might just never make it. But is an ant. If the castle remains unreachable will one day go ahead and prove it wrong all the long long way.

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