Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As an immigrant, you are a glass bowl..
Will break at the sign of a bad knock.

Then you realise
That you have broken over
A heap of continents
Hundreds of grasslands
Several large creeks of mountains

You have broken over centuries
Over the heads of mummies
Over the cruel laps of gas chambers
Over the hospital smell of detention centres.

"Glass needs a million years to be bio degradable"
Through decades..
You will look for rainbow heads at subways
Will feel at home at Chinese eateries, Caribbean supermarkets,
Long line of queue for 'other passport holders'

Through centuries...
You will be chased out of sacred continents
You will donate retina scans to the darkness of motherlands
Your fingerprints will re assure the insomnia of natives.

Through thousands of years
You will keep a watchful wait
For that million years to arrive..
Finally, at last, at your door step.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Those who dream of rebirth have to go through many rites of passage.

Ghosts will float by
Like chalk squeaking over black board.
Leaving sandpaper trails all over the insides.

Be silent
Light the tear which doesn't know to fall down or evaporate.
The wind will guide through tornadoes
Sea will swim with you in floods
And the mountains will keep company while falling.
Don't be afraid of the dues to the dead.
They can wait patiently.
They have all the time in the world.

Being alive is the briefest moment