Friday, December 13, 2013

For Tomorrows

Traveler..even after I get down from the train, it some times spins in my head
That feeling used to be a badge of honour. But, every traveller has her weary moments.

Some times, you carry too much luggage..The cup of tea and endless conversations which are never the same over skype... A bit of fragility which you forgot to bubble wrap.... Memory of a beautiful song which you forgot to pick up from your doorstep....Mummified love which you carry across continents. Every once in a while it reeks and ruins everything. Still, at the crack of dawn you will go and get new bandages.

In a few weeks, will be a year older. Crazier comrades have packed their shoes and decided to be in one place for a while. "Tired of being the rebel with no cause".

Dreams are  a bit jet lagged. I send them off to sleep with the memory of things yet to arrive. After all this buzzing like a bee, there might be a tomorrow to just stare at the mountain.

So, hey you tomorrows...put this in your diary. Stuff that you owe me. A small cup of butter tea at the mountain slope after an unending walk...raindrops by the window while I write on my rag tag journal..conversations which go to sleep only at the crack of dawn..time which will run free through narrow mountain roads...a well baked cake and lot of laughter by the roadside stall...a bunch of flowers which won't go all plastic...

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