Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Is back...from the place I will leave 7 months..that is soon.

There isn't a bone in body which isn't aching. Train journeys, cabs, autos, flights..they buzz through the body and head. Waking up in many places without toothbrush.....Love from friends, new places, new and interesting people in the old city....Should be thankful for everything. Dear film, I have been giving you more than I can. May be I do owe other kinds of debts.

Like sleep. Sleeping for a few days without interruptions.
Melting away of email mountains.

Calming the buzzing bees in the head which want to move from one idea to another; faster than the pace of the body, faster than the pace in which a webpage opens.
May be with a cup of tea in a far away mountain...with nothing to do, other than staring at vastness and rugged slopes which build a pathway to sky.
Walking down alleys which demand nothing from you, rivers which don't look like industrial fluid.
Listening to a far away flute. Lying down on grass feeling the smallness of earth, the infinity beyond.

May be one day, which isn't that far.
May be then losses which haven't been mourned properly will receive their last rites and will float away for good.

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