Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Notes From Kafka Land

It is a cold morning. I need to buy a new blanket. The headache is not going away.May be I need to go to a doctor. And, how am I going to pay for the auto ride to work?

Yesterday, emperor of my country announced that Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations will be paper from midnight. The banks will be closed today. And, ATMs may not work. I have 100 rupees in my wallet. It won't even pay for my ride to and from work.

A subcontinent of chaos. As the ruler rides a dilapidated old ragtag vehicle at breakneck speed to fall from the edge of some precarious mountain top, I have a window seat. There is a tattooed number on my head. Most people tell me that at some point of time, I will be pulled from the bus and thrown to certain death. I have seen students disappearing. Anyone who has a tongue is hounded by guard dogs. Whole provinces walk with eyes blinded by pellets, trying to bury their countless dead.

I sit back at my window seat and hold my lone hundred rupee note tightly. Next to me, middle aged men are chanting their daily Nazi hymns. Every day they chant them at the crack of dawn. One day, I might disappear. But, everyone in the bus is heading the same way

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