Monday, October 2, 2017


I am in New York
Sitting against lot of soulless buildings and deep water.
Not the kind of place that can indulge your existential crisis, however small it is.

Still, there is some thing to travel. You might start all broken, but somewhere it can fix the cracks within. It can make you see everything in a new way. Out of the small box in which you were getting bruised against the same mundane sharp ends. Opening up, seeing everything in another light.
It could be a small one day journey to an old palace in Rajasthan, days of moving through Himalayan foot hills or a plane journey to a whole different continent.

I will go back to the same box, to bruise myself against the same sharp edge. May be should plot more pilgrimages. Now I know that the pilgrimages were never really about reaching anywhere. God might have been somewhere in the journey.

Have been walking for hours. Knees and ankles threaten to break. May be, we are designed to move, run, see. Instead of brooding over stuff that will poison your cup with their proverbial drop.

Over the past 4 years and the PhD, it has been all about work. May be one needs to live as well, even if that means getting broken occasionally. The scariness of things that can go very awry. But sometimes you might need to learn to not fall off even if you are standing on the very edge.

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