Sunday, March 4, 2018

Before Good Bye- To India

Green fields, blue skies
Calm lazy shades of the mild winter
I am gonna be a stranger to you once again

These journeys before we say good bye to each other
Your bursts of bougainvilleas
Your people who say Radhe Radhe
To make way through over crowded streets...
I'm gonna sell them all
For a dark winter in another corner of the world
Where the sun doesn't rise very often.

Your songs which melt in my blood
Your streets which walk through my veins
Your harsh sun which brings
The freshest of swear words to my mouth

Why do you always have to
Choke my heart with more than I can handle?
Your magic of turning tears into floods
Your gift of deewangi which can
Sink my entire world

When will you learn to tread lightly?
Without turning the briefest of winds
Into storming tornadoes
My years are entangled with
Moving in and out of your arms

This time the merchants will cut out
The last of my anchors to you
With blood money, I will be buying a passage
To bleak dark winters, racist taunts
And people who take a long time to thaw.

As I begin to collect the pieces
Which accidentally get broken from your hand again and again
Let the clock tower
Strike through my midnights
I will try to turn moments into words
To buy my way through the seas.

Can you please keep the flood at bay
Till I haggle my way through to another shore

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