Saturday, July 28, 2018

Beyond Hurt

Beyond hurt, there is another place
Drenched in rain, swaying by the storm
But keeping eyes open
To worlds beyond the black holes
that try to lure you back to their unending sorrow.

In a city where we starve three toddlers from
a family to death, there isn't much right for anybody
to mourn

Things are not going to be the same. A few months can change the shape of the world as you know..
But, when you are around 36, may be the world is supposed to change its shape. Masks fall apart and you watch the guile hollowness in bright sunlight, turning a decade to dust.

As you flee from the ruins and the flood which opened all of it, you find a strange caravan of transit people- some of them are best friends, some strangers, others are friends or have been acquaintances. The one who walked with me silently when the wounds were very fresh and falling into a deep black hole with the flood was a matter of high probability. She is now 2000 odd kilometers away. Another who despite the darkest of times she was seeing could still hold my hand as she moved past continents.Mom. The one who came at the peak of the flood, to take me away all the way to Goa and other travels. The almost kid who had no clue of what I was going through, but who knew that whatever it is will heal. The calm silent one who could laugh at it all. The cook who will brush away cobwebs of tears from mornings with a cup of tea. Kabir, whose poetry could pierce the soul by talking of ways of seeing beyond illusions. Then, the cow herd in whose shape formless consciousness of the universe could be beheld. Spiti, villages at the outskirts of forests, many travelers with whom I broke bread over many journeys.

It is still difficult to watch a film, to walk without sorrow or to dance with untarnished joy. But I can see the land beyond tears, even though it is all slightly foggy. As lynch mobs wander around corridors of power, there is a need to research, to find stones that can dam the high tides of hate. I am lighting that metaphorical candle, to work through days and months and years. Beyond hurt, there is another life...

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